Salt Rising Bread

Another rare treat hailing from the Amish country in upstate New York. Tasty, cheesy and you'd better toast and add butter to it, if u wanna enjoy it. Salt Rising Bread from one of the three producers I know of. (two of them make it well and this is one) I ate some on Easter. … Continue reading Salt Rising Bread

Electric Watercress

"...he designed the lights in her house to... reflect her mood...I think the mood that evening was fucking awesome jungle tasting menu for four!"

A Game of Hide the Salami?

So, recently I was perusing the cured meat selection of a market with a very talented salumiere. We chatted about the merits of the products before us, and gossiped about the people who produced them, as you do. At one point, my buddy picks up a product, turns on his smartphone and types in the … Continue reading A Game of Hide the Salami?

“‘Nduja” is Not ‘Nduja

What is and what isn't this spicy spreadable salami from Calabria?

Why Milk is not “Milk”

Three years ago I was charged with the task of sourcing the highest quality dairy in the Midwest (in terms of "good, clean, and fair"est - maybe you've heard that before). I was advised not to take on the task of managing a dairy section by some, but I was excited. I already was going … Continue reading Why Milk is not “Milk”